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Post by Monkee, October 9, 2016.
Advantages Character Creation

An 'advantage' is a condition or circumstance that grants the character some amount of favorable, position, or other unique edge within the context of the story. To put it another way, an advantage is something which helps the character (such as a good position or condition) that helps to make someone or something better or more likely to succeed than others. Advantages come in several catagories from an acute awareness like second sight, to strength of belief in a particular higher power which possibly grants the character an immunity to dark or baser influences, to a physical trait such as being ambidexterious. An advantage should be thought of something which provides a character a great benefit, but is not actually a super power.

Similarly, characters who derive their abilities from artificial or external sources such as Iron Man's robotic exoskelton, the Winter Soldier and his bionic limb or Dr. Spectrum's Soul Gem may be fairly described as having superpowers, but are not necessarily superhuman.

Using the power categories you will be taken to many possible descriptions of various advantages available to the character catagorized in to easily digestable bits. To view a catagory, either click on the links above to open one of the catagory containers, OR simply click on the 'plus' symbol attached to the catagory you wish to explore. Only one catagory can be open at a time. To close a catagory, click on another. Enjoy.

Note - Characters may routinely operate far below their shown scores, and sometimes far above those shown stats in extreme circumstances (with MOD approval). However, regardless of prior moderator approval, the player with the highest stated score (STAT/STAT CHAIN) always wins in a conflicted challenge.*

Below you will find an initial list of site-sanctioned Advantages for your character application.

  1. Please select between one and five advantages from the catagories listed below, copying those which are appropriate for your character from the provided list and pasting them in to your characters 'Advantages' section.
  2. When pasting the descriptions, remember to tailor the description to fit your character. Make them relevant to their history, use examples and your character's name, etc. Please try to make them unique and personable to the character they describe. Failure to personalize descriptions is one of the prime reasons for rejected character applications.
  3. Also, please proof read each and every description you place so that it is properly spell checked.
  4. Feel free to make up your own advantage if it fits the character. Such as "Farm Work" for Cannonball because he grew up on one. Or "Mother Figure" if your character likes taking care of others. In fact, we encourage to have at least one unique ability for your character.

Note - If you are logged in to Marvel RPG, each entry shown below may already be personalized to reflect your character"s codename and gender. If not, then they are shown in a generic format, but you can still set them to reflect your characters gender and codename by using the customizer located just above the catagory legend. Doing so will will instantly then format all the descriptions to your specifications to help you on your way to building an awesome addition to the Marvel RPG universe.