Aptitudes & Skills

Computer Sciences

Post by Monkee, October 9, 2016.
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A computer sciences aptitude represents a skill in... further description to come.

Below you will find an initial list of site-sanctioned Aptitudes and Skills for your character application.

Note - If you are logged in to Marvel RPG, each entry shown below may already be personalized to reflect your character"s codename and gender. If not, then they are shown in a generic format, but you can still set them to reflect your characters gender and codename by using the customizer located just above the catagory legend. Doing so will will instantly then format all the descriptions to your specifications to help you on your way to building an awesome addition to the Marvel RPG universe.

Architecture: (#102)
System and network architecture.

Artificial Intelligence: (#103)
The study and research of man made thinking systems.

Computer Engineering: (#104)
The design and construction of computer hardware.

Electronic Counter Measures: (#105)
Enables a character to understand, operate, and detect the use of bugs, jammers, and decoders. +1CS to Reason in using them, Intuition for finding them.

Graphics: (#106)
Web designer, advertising, printing product design and familiarity with the printing industry and various paper products and design tools.

Security And Encryption: (#107)

Programming: (#108)
The creation and development of computer software.

Virtual Reality: (#109)
An indepth knowledge of human's interaction with computer systems.

Geology: (#113)
Deals with the history of the earth and its life esp. in rocks.

Oceanography: (#117)
Study of the oceans movements and effects on land and atmosphere

Seismology: (#118)
The study of earth movement. Includes glaciology and volcanology.