Aptitudes & Skills


Post by Monkee, October 9, 2016.
Advantages Character Creation

A occult aptitude represents a skill in... further description to come.

Below you will find an initial list of site-sanctioned Aptitudes and Skills for your character application.

Note - If you are logged in to Marvel RPG, each entry shown below may already be personalized to reflect your character"s codename and gender. If not, then they are shown in a generic format, but you can still set them to reflect your characters gender and codename by using the customizer located just above the catagory legend. Doing so will will instantly then format all the descriptions to your specifications to help you on your way to building an awesome addition to the Marvel RPG universe.

Bibliophile: (#138)
The character has an extensive knowledge of magical books, scrolls, or other primarily informational items, and the lore concerning them. He has a +2CS when using or researching these.

Demonologist: (#139)
The character has studied accounts of demons in the Marvel Universe and he knows how dangerous and hostile they are. The character receives a +1CS in any situation involving demons, including research, communication, identification and combat.

Mesmerism And Hypnosis: (#140)
This talent is a primitive form of Mind Control at the Power rank number equal to the Reason of the character with this Talent. Information can be gained as per a Mental Probe, and posthypnotic suggestions may be implanted within the victim's mind. Any attempt to force an individual to do something that he would not normally do, or divulge information that he would not normally reveal, will cause the hypnotism to break. A hypnotic command fades in 1-10 hours after it is given.

Mystic Background: (#141)
This "Talent" shows that the character has some background with magical forces. A character with this Talent may have Magical Powers, with the approval of the Judge.

Occult Lore: (#142)
The character has made extensive studies into the area of occult happenings, including: unexplained events and mysteries of the world, hauntings, and other manifestations of the spirit world. He has a +2CS when researching or dealing with occult events.

Resist Domination: (#143)
This permits the character to resist mental attacks as if the character had a mental power of Psyche +1CS.

Ritual Magics: (#144)
Reason FEAT to perform magical ceromonies. To do this you need knowledge of the ceremony (usually from a book), equiptment, and time. Time is 1d20 times 2 = rounds of spellcasting needed.

Runesmith: (#145)
The character is a transcriber and translator of runes, especially ancient, magical runes. The character has a +2CS whenever studying, deciphering, or inscribing runes.

Scholar Of Antiquities: (#146)
The character has an extensive knowledge of antiques, especially ancient magical artifacts and lore concerning them. He gains a +2CS when dealing with them

Sleight Of Hand: (#147)
The character with this Talent may palm small items, making them appear or disappear with Agility +1CS ability.

Theogony: (#148)
The character has a +2CS when researching information on the powerful extradimensional beings and gods of the Marvel

Trance: (#149)
The character may place himself into a trance. While in a trance the character slows his body functions to such a level that he may be assumed to be deceased. A character in a trance reduces needs for food and water to a minimal level, and may regain Endurance ranks at one rank per day.

Zoologist Of Magic: (#150)
Allows a +1CS when attempting to identify magical creatures and their powers.