Aptitudes & Skills


Post by Monkee, October 9, 2016.
Advantages Character Creation

Other advantages which can't be neatly fit in one of the prior categories can be found here. Further description to come.

Below you will find an initial list of site-sanctioned Aptitudes and Skills for your character application.

Note - If you are logged in to Marvel RPG, each entry shown below may already be personalized to reflect your character"s codename and gender. If not, then they are shown in a generic format, but you can still set them to reflect your characters gender and codename by using the customizer located just above the catagory legend. Doing so will will instantly then format all the descriptions to your specifications to help you on your way to building an awesome addition to the Marvel RPG universe.

Acoustics: (#151)
Deals with the study of noise control and Sonoluminescence, using sound to produce light in liquids.

Atomic Physics: (#152)
The study of solely atomic physics. Includes nuclear physics.

Cryogenics: (#153)
Deals with the production and effects of very low temperatures.

Energy And Particle Physics: (#154)
The study of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy and research into new power sources.

Mathematics: (#155)
The character with this talent is a math whiz, unbelievably good with numbers and as such gets a plus +1CS to all problems that can be solved mathematically.

Quantum Physics: (#156)
Research and development into teleportation, worm holes, warp theory and other MARVELous ideas. The character can even start off by creating a new specialty field. Counts as two talents.

Accounting: (#172)

Actor: (#173)
This gives the ability to be used to disguis a character. An actor recieves a +1CS to all disguise attempts and opponents recieve a -1CS to seeing through the disguise

Animal Training: (#174)
This character may teach animals simple tricks. If the character has animal communication, control, or empathy they recieve a +1CS

Artist: (#175)
The character with an artist background creates works of art, either for himself or for sale to others. This includes painting, sculpting, and writing.

Business/Finance: (#176)
The hero is familiar with the world of business, corporate finance, and how money works. Initial resources are a minimum of Good, and the hero gains a +1CS for FEAT rolls dealing with money.

Escape Artist: (#177)
+1CS to strength in trying to escape holds or bonds.

Heir To A Fortune: (#178)
This is not a Talent, but a situation which brings the character into a lot of money. The minimum Resources of a character with this Talent is Remarkable

Instructor: (#179)
Allows the character to teach a particular ability, allowing students the learning bonus. The teacher is given the same bonus for instruction, and is profficent (+1CS) in a particular skill

Journalism: (#180)
Hero gains 2 additional contacts in the media

Leadership: (#181)
The Hero with this talent is a natural born leader. If this Ctd style=em haracter forms akarma pool with a team then that pool receives a 50 point bonus, provided that this character is recognized as the team leader. When the leader leaves, the 50 points go with him. The leader does not gain them, they simply leave the pool. Only one leader per team.

Performer: (#182)
The character is someone who acts, sings, dances, mimes, or otherwise uses his Talents to entertain.