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Post by Monkee, July 5, 2016.
Powers Character Creation

- A measure of a character's ability in a particular area.
- The comparing of matching character STATs used to resolve a contested character conflict.
  • How Many Characters Can I Play?
    Up to three providing posting minimums are consistantly met. 2 posts within a 7 day rotating period, 150 words minimum per post. Up to 3 Canon or FC's and 2 Original or OC's. Your first character must be an FC.
  • Can I Play An Original Character Of My Own Making?
    YES! You are now allowed to submit an Original Character that have been in play on other RPG sites, provided they are altered properly to fit our movie-verse history.
  • How Powerful Can My Original Character Be?
    We prefers OC characters limit their stats to Incredible or less, and that the classification not exceed the Epsilon level. Additionally, when making an OC, it is best to check with a Mentor first to make sure your conncept is acceptable toWe- Failure to check may result in the deletion of your unapporved work without warning.
  • Can I Play A Featured Character Like Cyclops?
    YES! The Cerebra Database is chock full of fantastic characters that are open for your adoption. Simply use the handly little drop down box labeled IN PLAY, scroll down to AVAILIBLE, and hit enter. This will bring you to a page of neat characters that are currently looking for a player!
  • Can I Play A Villian Like Magneto?
    No. We prefers that the villains stay mysterious and in the hands of the Site Storytellers.

Any other questions regarding this aspect ofWeshould be directed to the moderators ofWe.